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  Do violent video games cause behavior problems? Well, in the context of the question asked, my answer is negative. No, you do not contract behavioral problems by playing video games. Instead, you develop satisfaction through the entertainment they provide. Do you develop behavioral problems by watching violent movies? On the contrary! Every mind is developed differently.

  The mind of one person may see the glass as half-full; but another mind may see the glass as half-empty. Therefore, we are bound to understand that the mind (or the affect it may have on an individual) is simply determined by the thought pattern that the individual possesses. Video games alone –whether violent or nonviolent- have no persuasion on the mind; yet with the conglomeration of an unsuitable environmental persuasion along with violent video games there may be a problem. This, however, pertains more to children.

  Children with rough backgrounds are prone to have or develop behavioral problems, only if there is no one to show them the fictitiousness of the game and its diversity from reality. “This is not how we conduct ourselves in the real world, children”. Furthermore, having shown them the difference, maintenance and enforcement of these teachings must applied.