I Have A Dream

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Hello, My name is Leonard Champion A,K,A, Chef Ace Champion. I am righting to you because I know I have the success story of the year. It all started 20 years ago when I new cooking was going to be what I did for the rest of my life. I traveled from Louisiana to Wisconsin 11 years ago to better my life for me and my 3 kid. 13, 14, and 16. Some one please help me. I couldn't of made a better discussion moving to Wisconsin. Wisconsin has giving me the opportunities any one person can ask for.


I came to a point in my life to where I knew I had to have schooling to make it to the next level of my currer. I found my program at Fox Valley Tech in the Accelerated Program of Culinary Arts Major. I managed to graduate December 2012 which might I say was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life.


After graduation I found my self not making the money I new I was worth, So I went back to my original plan when I started college back in 2010 to become a celebrity cooking show host. This was I can share all my creations with the world pushing me forever. How ever this was a challenge. I found it hard to work on my business working every weekend and all nights. So I pulled myself out of the restaurant industries and got a job as a dietary cook a local nursing home. At first it was the hardest pill I ever had to swallow, but ended up turning into a very educational and humbling experience. I love the people and helping my elders. Giving them chef quality food to them was a real treat and that mad me feel great. However I worked there souly to build my business which was teaching cooking classes to the local community at local wineries, cooking stores, etc, I worked there because I had a set schedule and lot of PT. I used this PTO to take off every Wednesday of every week. This is when I made my phone call and scheduled business meetings. I did this until my business grew and then I dropped down to part time, casual call and then I was finally 100% self employed. I have been self employed for over 2 years now and thriving. I am a Private Chef, Culinary Instructor, Recipe & Menu Developer, Food Broker, & Visionary Motivational Speaker. FVTC has giving me the tool to think out side the box and make things work when they might seem broken.


I am truly living the chefs dream. I right my own schedule. I answer to me and God only. I cook, teach, learn, and create what ever food I want and I get to give it to my people directly. They get to see where all that love they have been eating has come from. And I get to receive it one person at a time. I can express how bless and honored I am to represent this program and be able to be free in the word today doing what I was born to do. I am a success story because I came from nothing and when I said I wanted to became a celebrity cooking show host everybody laughed and talked down on me. Well they are not laughing now funny they are actually giving me good words saying I deserving it. Such a humbling but deserve experience. I am and will always will and chase my dreams. I'm just grateful Im actually making good money from it.


Oh an by the way I am also coming out with my own product line of spices and oils. I have design and maintained my own website, business cards, video editing, photography, etc. I am the prime example a an entrepreneur refuses to give up.


To Learn more about me and my success feel free to visit me at www.chefchampion.com


Take Care,