Homeless and in Debt!

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Hello Everyone,


     My story begins when I was 18 years old and probably on the worst luck I have ever seen. I just has graduated high school and thought I was going to live the dream of being a college student, living on my own and going to college. Well I also need to mention I never had a good relationship growing up with my mother, well she was never really a mother. This will play into the situation down the line. Well it was time to register for my fall semester at college and thought this would be easy but nothing ever turns out as plans. After asking my mother if she would help to pay for school her answer was, I do not have the money after just buying a brand new Toyoya-4runner at the time. Well I knew there was other options but who knew applying for a financial grant would be so hard, (which by the way someone needs to change this to help future college students). Talking to a counselor, I still could not move on without the help of my mother. Why do I need her tax-returns if I make no money, or I could wait until I was 24 years old or I could just have a child then I wouldn't need her help.

     Well after a short conversation with her I will let you guess what she had said, I did not get a grant. But there was light the federal government was willing to step in and help. They wanted to give me $5000!, a irresponsible teen with no money broke and now no where to go because my mom did kick me out after the giant argument we had. That story is for a different day, This is where the snowball picked up speed down this steep hill. It was ok for about a week then trying to find a ride to class became a problem, food was nowhere to be found and I probably had not had a shower in a week. Somehow I managed to make this last for almost a month and a half. Then the check found its way into my hand. The snowball was now huge, I can't even begin to tell you where all the money went but I'm pretty sure it was gone in about three days. Well long story short, I ended up being kicked out of every class because one reason or another.


     A couple of months went by and the debt was always in the back of my head but never thought much about it. Well between being homeless and no way for the lenders to contact me, they wanted there money and interest started accumulating. One day I happened to be over at my sisters house and this is when they finally found me. After about a 2 hour conversation with this young lady who just did not care about any of the problems I had faced (not that I don't blame her) she said they were going to take any money I had in a account and take any taxes that I was ever going to get back until the loan was paid back.


     At this point I had to have a meeting with me, myself and I. I told myself if I got a chance I would get myself out this situation and never look back. I started applying for jobs anywhere and everywhere I could it did not matter the first job I got I would take. I landed a job at a Fed-ex hub as a official package handler (yeah I know) but I was to unload and load boxes. the Problem was I had to be there and clock in at 3:30a.m. I remember I would start walking to work at 11 the night before just to get there, also getting rides anyway I could and on the occasion my sister would let me come over and get cleaned up. Days went by, then a couple of months, I contacted this lender and set up a payment plan before I did anything else so my money would not be taken. Things were starting to get better I snagged a place to live with a friend of mine, still had no car and barely a dollar to my name but I continued to work everyday picking up as many shifts as I could. And one day I got news that I just couldn't believe, Fed-Ex was offering me a driving position starting salary $25,000 a year. I could not believe this I did not even own a car of my own but would be driving a delivery truck back and fourth to work NO MORE WALKING!


     A couple of more years went by, at this point a beautiful woman came into my life, things could not be better. Wait a minute here comes the wrench. Words that no 21 year old wants to hear, I'm Pregnant. It was time to sit down with me, myself and I and her again. I knew no matter what I was going to take this with stride and keep on moving to make things better. I did the only thing a man in that situation could do, I knew I loved her so I took what little money I had and put a ring on it. In the mean time I knew that $25,000 a year was not going to cut it for 3 people. It was time to start applying again, anywhere and everywhere. I got the opportunity of a lifetime. Pitt County Sheriff's Office called and said they were in need of officers inside their detention center. The only question I had for them was what was the pay, $35,000 a year I'm IN!


      Long story short in a year I was able to pay off that student loan, I went back to college debt free. I had a BEAUTIFUL girl that was the miracle in my life. I also now own my own house with my wife, we are debt free. I was able to quit my job at the detention center after five years to go back to school to pursue my goal of becoming a engineer. By far we still have some difficult times ahead but I have learned in my short time alive that NEVER GIVE UP!, YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING AND LAST NOTHING IS EASY.

P.S. I also bought the truck of my dreams