Financial and Educational Struggle

Document created by allisont_1 on Nov 3, 2015
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On a cool day in November of 2011, I remember getting a letter saying I was admitted to the University of Central Oklahoma. I was extremely overcome with joy because school has always been a struggle for me. I was also worried about how we were going to afford it, but I knew we would make things work. I worked part-time and would pay for books, calculators, and other supplies needed. While my parents paid the tuition. It was difficult because we do not qualify for grants or any kind of financial assistance, so I began applying for scholarships. Ever since I started schook when I was young, I struggled. I have to work very hard to get good grades because of a processing disorder that I have. Once I entered college, everything changed. I was a star student and had the highest grades in 2 composition courses as well as being able to "set the curve" of a test. Summer of 2015, I applied for a scholarship through the English department of my University, and I was rewarded with it. It was such an honor not only because I have always struggled in school, but because the extra money helped for that summer semester and has helped us stay ahead each time tuition is due!