Music to My Ears

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Many if not all college students can agree that while achieving that degree, you will experience financial heartaches in all directions of life that just seem never ending. Scraping change, working multiple jobs, and ordering from the dollar menu at fast food joints seemed to be some of the ways to survive as a college student. For me, budgeting and scraping change just was not enough for my needs of books and gas towards my commute being that I attended a community college. I also had the worst luck getting a job. I had applied to many different places around my city as well as calling in to see if my application was even considered. Weeks turned to months and it felt as if being broke was my only option. I also hated asking for money from my mother who wouldn't mind sparing it, but being independent as much as I could was something I truly desired especially after all my mother has done for me to even be where I am today. So I began thinking, researching, and becoming open to new ways of making money. When I wasn't swamped in homework or thinking of ways to make money, I found relaxation in creating music. Making music instrumentals or "beats" is something I have always been great at and many people who know me enjoy what I create. It took a while for me to realize that I could be making money off of this, I mean it is my art and I could sell my artwork to local and non-local artist and use that money towards my expenses of school and living. The idea was golden. I started sharing my music on SoundCloud and used that link to share to artist around Boston. I also created other pages on social outlets to share my beats such as Instagram and Facebook. It is said if you want to make money or start a business, do what you know and I knew music. I had created my own leasing and exclusive prices for my beats being as reasonable as possible compared to others who did I what I did. I chose to follow through with my side hustle and thankfully my once hobby earned me money here and there, and the best part is its on my time and is something I loved. It isn't a career, but as a college student striving for that degree it is something that will take care of those expenses that I couldn't before.