Saving for college one lawn at a time

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            As children parents instill in their children a moral compass which will guide their child through their life not only as a child, but even as an adult. For me, one of the morals that my parents chose to instill in me is that nothing in this world is given to you. To be able to afford college, a home, a car, gas, and even going out every once in a while, you need to work hard and earn the money for those things. As a junior in high school I already worked two jobs just to be able to afford keeping my truck on the road and car insurance. The first job which I have had since the time I was ten years old, was refereeing soccer games. It paid well for just a teenager, but I only received a check from ECYSA twice a year. Once after the spring season, and another after the fall. The second job was working on product pictures and details for Seacrest foods’ new website.

            While the two jobs were sufficient for my costs at the time, I was not able to save very much towards the college costs that I would be paying for in a few short years. In spring of 2014 I went on and got business cards made. The cards said “Smalley Landscaping” across the middle of the card, with the slogan “Saving for college one lawn at a time” directly beneath it. I started out with a push lawn mower, a cheap no name brand weed whacker and leaf blower, a small truck and a few landscaping barrels.

In two very short and busy years Smalley Landscaping have grown from having no clients at all, to having over 50 clients. Now, instead of a push mower I have a commercial lawn mower which reduced the time that it takes me to mow lawns by half. I also have replaced my weed whacker and leaf blower with commercial grade equipment, and have even purchased a trailer which I use to haul waste out of cleanup sites. In addition to the new equipment I have purchased for my growing business, I have generated enough profit to pay my entire first semester of college out of pocket, and even have enough money left over to pay for my second semester of college out of pocket. While running a growing landscaping business is difficult to manage along with school, it is manageable. In my second year of running Smalley Landscaping I more than doubled the client base that I had in my first year of operations. I plan to double my client base again in the third year by marketing my company on craigslist and by leaving cards at local businesses local to my area.

My slogan “Saving for college one lawn at a time” is the marketing point which allows my company to accumulate so many clients so quickly. I realized when starting my business that there were many large landscaping companies in the area with better equipment and more clients than I, so I knew that I had to think outside of the box to tap the landscaping market in my area. I am yet to have a single customer call me and not say something about how much they liked my slogan, and that my slogan is the sole reason that they will be hiring Smalley Landscaping for all of their yard maintenance needs.