Budgeting and Enough is Enough

Document created by ashleys_3 on Nov 3, 2015
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I got a new car, both a dream and a necessity, which made it even more important to make sure my money went far enough. I started keeping a budget which helped me to determine where I was overspending and needed to cut back. I realized all of the little things I bought added up. Picking up a drink or some fries on the way home from class as a snack, and grabbing a few snacks to take to movie night didn't seem like much at the time but over the course of a month with small expenditures like this I would be down a lot of cash. I started cutting back on picking up snacks and instead buying snacks in bulk and also cutting back on how many trips to the store I made helped me cut back and save about $100 a month - which is helping to pay my car off even quicker.