Changing Direction

Document created by lielz on Nov 3, 2015
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I started out at community college. After I graduated with my Associates Degree, I chose to transfer to a private Liberal Arts University. I chose the school over a State school because they offered the exact major that I wanted. In the middle of my first year at the university, I realized that my interest had shifted and that other (non-academic related) opportunities were presenting themselves. Over the chorus of the last year and a half of my undergrad career, I spent my time focusing on my new interest. In doing so I networked throughout the year. I made sure to meet and interview with important people in the business. I attended as many conferences and lectures that I could. By the end of the year I had built up my resume and networks to the point where I was very knowledgeable and aware of the job options and opportunities in the field. Knowing that I was graduating with many loans, I hoped that I would be able to get a job out of college that could help me start on my loan returns and work in my new field of interest. Thankfully because of the network I had built up during my senior year, my name and resume was out there. The connections I had made influenced my interview opportunities and helped me ultimately get hired right after graduation. I was hired to do exactly what I had decided I wanted to do, which was very different from anything I studied in university, but nevertheless my choice of career. Today I am excelling in my job. I love the work I'm doing, my work environment is wonderful, and most importantly I am making enough money to repay my loans at a significant pace.