Being Successful In Life

Document created by katherinev on Nov 3, 2015
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       Realizing that money isn't easy and also it is not easy to be successful in life. Life is not simple as people think it is and I learned that you have to work hard to never give up on your dreams in order to be successful. Being successful is the only path to through in life to be able to survive in this dreadful word and going to college will help me and everyone succeed in life. College is very important, without having a degree it would be hard. This fall is my first quarter of the year at Pierce College. I applied for financial aid and it seems to not fully pay off my tuition. I am at the stage where I still want to attend school, but not fully stable to pay off all my tuition. My mom is the only one working to help support the family, and I am the only child who is attending college and I would like to keep going to be successful in life to help my family later in the future. I am also in a indeed of a car, because I do not have a car to get to school. I usually drive my parents car which they also need it for work. $250 would at least help me more than not having it and it will help me stay in school for my next quarter and it would help me save up to get a car.