Staying Afloat

Document created by amber_1231 on Nov 3, 2015
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     I always ask people, "Can I help you?" but seldom have been I asked the same question.

     Over the past four summers, I have held a job at my city pool's concession stand. I spent forty hours a week with three other sweaty teenagers in an 18 foot by 15 foot room. Between the two ovens, the popcorn machine, the pretzel machine, and the freezers giving off heat, the room was sweltering. The pool was a tantalizing 20 yards away. I had fun, but it was hard work.

     The perseverance did not stop when summer ended and school started.  From August until June, school was my top priority. I figured that if I only have one chance to go to high school, why not give it my all? I took as many college credits as I could, and I would always strive for perfection. Because of this work I put in, I was offered generous scholarships from my university. By combining my scholarship with the money I earned at my pool job, I was able to fully pay my college tuition without getting any money from my parents or getting a student loan.

     My parents did not go to college, so they did not know what the process required. I took on all of the responsibility on my own. It is incredibly rewarding to know that my hard work has paid off. Although getting myself to college has always been my number one concern, I am not giving up now that I have met my goal. I now have new goals. I plan to graduate in just three years, with a double major in math and business. Ultimately, I plan to become an actuary, and continue on the track of financial success as a product of my hard work.