Being Responsible

Document created by mseronde on Nov 3, 2015
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I am twenty six years old. I have a bachelors degree I payed for with student loans. I would be lying if I said I used all of my loans for books and tuition. I bought a stereo for my car. I did a little traveling. I graduated with a degree in political science, and I am still working in a bar.

But, earlier this year, finally - I figured out that the way I approached spending was seriously flawed. Before I would earn decent money at the bar, and spend it as fast as I made it. At the end of the month, I would eat nothing but beans and rice for a week in order to scrape together enough for rent. What changed is how I view the money. It is a tool for success. It now seems like a trivial difference, but when I started to think about my income as being more than just a way to fuel my day to day fun, but as a way to ensure long term stability, the struggle at the end of the month lessened. I now have a little extra here and there. I have started a savings account, and am on time with my bills. It is wild to think that at 26 I am finally getting a handle on my finances.