Consolidation & Budgeting

Document created by heathert_1 on Nov 3, 2015
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When I first started school I thought it would be easy to keep up with my expenses since I was receiving financial aid as well as working part time. The problem is I started getting offers for credit cards and store credit cards, at first I thought it wouldn't hurt to apply since I didn't think I would get approved but I actually did start getting approved, I started using these cards as a way to de-stress and be able to buy something when otherwise I would have been broke, in between paychecks etc. Before I knew it I was in debt by about $7,000 not counting student loans that were also accumulating. I decided that instead of having 10 different credit card payments a month it would be best to see if I could get a personal loan at my credit union and pay them all off and then just have one monthly payment to the credit union. Not only did this eliminate the stress of having multiple bills to try and budget every pay day but the interest rate at the credit union brought my credit card interest I was paying from 28% down to 18% interest which will make it a lot easier to pay off the debt and not have to be paying on interest and the balance never seeming to go down. This has reduced my stress greatly and also helped me realize the importance of keeping the amount of credit accounts down to a minimum and instead of purchasing on credit just save and buy it with cash because once you start accumulating debt it starts to feel unbearable and can be a huge weight. By consolidating that weight feels reduced greatly and now more manageable.