Young and Learning

Document created by ideallah on Nov 3, 2015
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To put it in simple terms, I'm young. I'm nineteen years old. I am in college, have my own apartment, and of course my own bills to pay. My boyfriend and I recent moved in together with a full understanding that it wasn't always gonna be fun and easy. With no fault of his own, his previous job he was hoping to transfer from, failed to actually transfer him. That lead to me having to pick up the slack and pay all of our bills while we figured out a new job for him. Fortunately, he is starting a new warehouse job this week and that should take some of the burden off the both of us. In the time we've been struggling, we've been so broke we haven't had much food in the house. With that w created a new snack with flour, sugar and water, baked in the oven. We named it "Bum Food." I think this situation has taught us both a valuable lesson in perseverance. We are young and learning and trying to find our place in the world. Things are looking up from here and we're still trying.