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Document created by natashah32 on Nov 3, 2015
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Hello all,

I have a great story and I hope it is helpful to other students who are attending school, and living on their own. Number one, when I decided to go back to college, I thought I had it all figured out seeing, as I am on my own, and more mature, boy was I mistaken. Having the student loans bills , and trying to maintain household bills in this huge apartment that I was renting was really a stressful financial position for me. The apartment was great , but I had no utilities included, and no washer and dryer, and no wifi. This alone accumulated more bills for me seeing as I needed all these things to survive, and I needed the wifi for school work. I tried to hang on to this great place, but the budgeting just wouldn't connect the dots on the income I had . I figured , if I got a smaller apt near my school , this would help me to save and be able to pay off loans, because I would have a lower rent , and the apartment would be closer to my school. After moving to this smaller place, I also cut down the cost on utilities because all the heat is included, and I could wash my clothes on the premises. The owner is working so that wifi can be accessible for all the tenants. This was a great move for me , and I should see a difference the  income flexibility really soon. My advise to others is that ,  managing the amount of overhead we have as students will help cut down on unnecessary bills , and be able to pay back money that borrowed, and the need to have to borrow should lessen.