Making my family dreams come true...

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         My story started when I was very young. I am the oldest of 3 siblings raised by only my  mother. My father was not apart of my life and this caused a lot of stress and pain in our family as well as limited us to what we thought we could succeed in. Neither my mother nor my father went passed the sophomore year in high school so graduation didn't seem promising for any of us 3. Being the first that was to graduate high school there was a lot of pressure but it wasn't enough. I was .5 credits short and gave up.

      About 5 years later I had a 2 year old daughter and realized I wanted to be a better role model for her and set goals she would benefit from. I went to Gateway and completed their adult high school and continued my education with completing their Medical Assistant program getting my technical diploma. About a year later my husband and I had 2 more daughters. We didn't have much money and day care was very expensive so I wasn't able to work a lot. We were able to find a home to rent in Delavan. Space was getting tight but neither of us had the credit to buy a home so we thought this is just where we stay. That wasn't good enough for me, my mother had just purchased her first home 4 years prior so I knew this couldn't be easy but I set my mind to it. At this point we had been renting for about 8 years putting $9000 into someone else's equity and about $72000 at this time.  I sat down with my husband and we set a budget, he quit smoking so we could save and I worked on building our credit. We started both with a 'thin file' which means no credit and 16months later we had a score of 675! We both applied for a secured card and used this to build our credit up as well as become more responsible with our spending habits. Before we knew it, we did it, we bought our first home May 15th 2015 and couldn't feel more proud. I am currently a student in the Human Services program getting straight A's and he works as a pole barn builder, if we can do it, anyone can. My dream for my family was to be in a 'forever' home, no more renting and not knowing, this was ours and we did this together!