Living on a Prayer-Oh Oh I'm Half Way There!

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Hmm....College. College = a LOT of money. And a lot of money was something I did not have. So I guess I didn't have college. After graduating high school, I knew that I wasn't going to college because of financial reasons and I was just going to have to suck it up as I said goodbye to my university bound friends in the summertime.


Until I won a scholarship of $300.


The money came out of nowhere, I didn't think I would win the scholarship contest I entered but I did. I swear the chorus of the song "I'm So Excited" started playing in my head. "And I just can't hide it!"


So now what?!


I took off a year to work my *** off to afford the rest of my first semester on my own. And believe me. It was hard. I took every over-time opportunity I could get my hands on. Every pay check I put away at least $500 into my savings account and didn't touch it. No matter what. I worked from the week I graduated, until a year later when I could afford tuition.

I started in January and saved up enough money to pay for my Winter and Spring quarters. I took off summer quarter to again: work work work! Now I have paid fall quarter on my own and am still a year into my schooling without any student debt! My job that I am keeping while going to school, gave me a $3,800 scholarship if I continue to work while I go to school.


My advice: It is POSSIBLE to go to school without student debt. Apply to scholarships even if you think you won't win. I saw my competition and thought I would never win the scholarship that I did. And work. Work during the summer and if you can, work part-time while you go to school.

I am a year behind because I chose to work for a year but I feel so much better knowing I do not have debt weighing me down and I can graduate a free woman. I am almost half-way there and I don't know how I will pay for the rest but for now, I'm good.


You will free great living life financially FREE.