Overcoming the ODDS

Document created by demarcusn on Nov 3, 2015
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For me my financial success story has derived from being able to overcome the odds.  My story starts many years ago, but I will spare many of the details and paint a clear picture.  I am one of the first person's in my family to go to college more less finish college.  Growing up where I came from the typical person was not expected to succeed in life.  I grew up having not much support from family because my mother was a single mother who did everything she could to provide the essentials for us to live. Nevertheless, I was determined to win I attempted college immediately after high school.  The experience was a great experience, but I was not successful at it.  I left school to work a full time job because while in school I had no money to live comfortably and do the things that normal college students did.  I worked and during that time I became a single father of my baby boy Jeremiah.  After looking at the direction that my life was headed in and knowing that I wanted my life to head in another direction I attempted college again and was successful.  I graduated with a bachelors in business administration during this time I was also able to settle a job as a teacher.  I had worked in the public school system while in school as a teacher's assistant living off low wages I was not able to continue school and work without additional support, so I stayed at home with my mom who supported me and my son while I continued school.  After one year working as a teacher I was determined to make a change and so I saved every dime I could and before the start of the next school year I made sure that my child and I would have a place we could call home OUR home.  I beat the odds because many thought that it wouldn't be possible and that I wouldn't make it but I DID.