Marrying into (Lack Of) Money

Document created by jessicag_3 on Nov 3, 2015
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They say you can't help who you fall in love with... Well I fell in love with an ambitious entrepreneur who started investing in Real Estate at age 23.  By the time we met when he was 27 he had accumulated about 75k in credit card debt (Used to flip houses) and borrowed another 175k from his Dad to invest in Real Estate.  We met in 2009... Right after the real estate market crashed.  I believe that once we were married we became a team with our finances- This means joint bank accounts and scrimping and saving together.  The creditors were calling and Bankruptcy was an option... But we took the hard road and decided to pay it back.   Using hard work and lots of prayer we were able to live very modestly off of one income.  We drive used paid for cars, we save up for any large purchases, and we NEVER go into more debt.  We slowly started paying everyone back and once we got some momentum it was very easy!  As of 2015 we officially paid off all $250,000 and before my 30th birthday.  I recently paid off the last of my $4000 student loans as well!  It feels amazing to start our marriage off with such a huge accomplishment, now I know our future has so much in store!