An old mans path!!

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Hi my name is Zach Kuzens.


Well, my title says, "An old mans path" and in reality I'm 27 years old. In regards to life I'm young and vibrant. However, I'm the oldest player on the Linfield Wildcat football team. If you research their football team you will see the accolades. My story starts too years ago, when I first started this journey. I was 25, looking to get an education and play college football. I was just fired from my job, so there goes my steady income, the junior college I went too was not cheap, but affordable. Over my two years, I pulled out a lot financial aid and loans to pay for school. Now that I'm at one of the more expensive liberal arts schools in Oregon, I find myself simply struggling to survive. My financial problem is this, how do you survive at a college that is expensive? I have work study and only make enough to pay my phone bill which is $90 a month. What about food, what about hygiene and other expenses? I love this school with my heart and I'm lucky at 27 years of age to be attending this school and playing football for this school. My path is a broke path, a poor path, low income. My parents aren't rich or middle class by any standard. I came from the ghetto of South East Portland, but I never asked for a hand out. My solution to my financial problem is to weather the storm, stay the course and graduate from this school, with a degree that says I'm worth 5x your base salary. Eventually I'll pay off my loans and wont ever have to struggle to eat some food.


Thanks for you time,


Zach Kuzens