Not Getting What I Wanted

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For as long as I can remember, I hated getting money for Christmas or birthdays because I knew, the second I would get it, my dad would take it all away from me and put it into my SAVINGS. I couldn't believe it. All I wanted was to buy myself a gosh darn barbie doll or those super cute Little Pet Shop toys. I even tried to bargain with him, "just give me half and the other half can go into savings." He never gave in, not matter how much I begged. I of course, being a child, didn't understand why I couldn't have my money to spend it how I wanted to.


It wasn't until years later that I found out just how much money had been saved, and that my dad matched everything he made me put into my account. He had been helping me build up my savings since I was born. I had a grand total of $25,000 by the time I was 15. And that is all because I wasn't able to spend it on Barbie Dolls. When I realized how much money could be saved by not buying little things I could go without, I began wanting to save more and more.  So I got a job, and that's exactly what I did. I saved.


I am now in my second year of college and am going to be graduating debt free with a degree in Pathobiological Science. If it weren't for my dad forcing me to save, I never would have known the importance of saving a little at a time and exactly how far you can go in the future if you go without in the present. My dad passed down a habit and a lesson that I will forever be thankful for.