Paying for College

Document created by gabrielleb on Nov 3, 2015
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Everyone knows that paying for college is hard. Especially when you don't want to put a financial burden on your family. So where does that leave a 17 year-old senior in high school, about to make the big leap into higher education?

I realized that I would have to pay for whatever my scholarships and aid would not cover. And the "sticker shock," as they call it, was very real. With a little help from counselors and a lot of help from my parents, I took out a federal student loan. A loan that will total over $55,000 when I graduate in 2019. But that is something to worry about then, not now.

My more immediate financial worries for college were paying for books and other essentials. I got a job over the summer and worked full-time. I saved about 80% of every paycheck in my college savings account. All my hard work and long hours paid off when I was able to pay for all of my college essentials with my own money, rather then going to my parents with open hands.

Hard work made me realize that I have the capability to overcome any financial burden, as long as I put in my best effort.