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Assigning tags to your content is very important because doing so makes it easier for you and others to find it later. Tags are keywords that make content more searchable. You can assign tags to existing or new content. You can even assign tags to a status update.

IMPORTANT: Only use tags from the approved Taxonomy list. Do not create your own tags.

To Assign Tags to Content

1. Open or create content, and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Tags box.


2. Choose keywords or tags that fit your content from the Approved Tags list and enter them in the Tags box. Use an underscore "_" in between words within a phrase. So for example, if I want to use "Loan Question" as a tag, I would type "loan_question". Do not use any other symbols besides these underscores (to connect words within a phrase) and spaces (to separate single words).


3. Consider using any of the related tags that appear in the suggestion box. All of the approved tags are stored in the system, so they should pop up as you begin typing.

Note: If you are tagging content that is being moderated by an administrator, your tags may not show up right away because content updates may need to be approved first.

To Assign Tags in Status Updates:

Type "#" before the keyword and begin typing. Click your desired tag.

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