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Here in the Salt® Community, we know that money talk can be awkward. But we believe that encouraging, honest financial conversations are necessary—and people should get rewards for having them. So, that’s what we do!


By participating in this community, you can help your peers and engage in a little fun competition along the way. Here’s how you can become a leader and advance your rank and reputation in the Salt Community:


Earn Points


Every member of the Salt Community has a “point” total based on his or her actions here. It’s easy to increase your number—just do things like the following:


  • Create and comment on posts.
  • Get your responses marked “correct” or “helpful.”
  • Share content and gain followers.
  • And much more!

You can easily view your point by going to your Profile:


Points 1.jpg


Points 2.jpg


The more points you earn, the higher you’ll climb on our community leaderboard. See if you can reach the top!


Points 6.jpg


Level Up


Earning points not only helps you rise up our overall leaderboard, but it also boosts your personal level within the community. Get enough, and you’ll advance all the way from a Salt Dreamer to a Salt Achiever!


Check your current level—and see how close you are to the next one—by hovering over the point total on your profile page and selecting View Points Details:


Points 3.jpg

Points 4.jpg


Get Badges


By performing specific site actions, you will also complete missions. Doing this will earn you badges—which let you literally show off your expertise in certain subject areas. Missions include:


  • Reply to five discussions.
  • Get five of your answers marked “helpful” or “correct.”
  • Add a personal profile picture.
  • And much more!

Be on the lookout for special missions with higher point totals and exclusive badges, too—like being named our community’s “Star Of The Week.”


Within your profile, selecting View Points Details then Missions lists available missions and badges. Each mission has a progress bar (so you can see how close you are to finishing), as well as a description (so you can figure out what to accomplish next!).


points 5.jpg


You can also select More then Reputation within your profile to see where you rank in the community, which missions you've completed, and in which spaces you've accomplished them.


Points 7.jpg

Have questions or ideas for how we can improve our points and badges? Comment below!

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