Asking Questions & Starting Discussions

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Need a quick answer to a question or want to discuss a topic in-depth with others? The Salt Community makes it easy for you to do both (and tell them apart)!


Asking Questions


To get started, choose the Create icon at the top of your screen or within a specific space and select Question.

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Give your question a title and put any supporting text in its body. Remember: The most details you include, the better we'll be able to help you!

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Select a location to publish your question where it seems most appropriate. For example, post a question question about student loans in the "Repaying Student Debt " space.This will ensure the right expert on our team sees it.

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Assign tags to your question so it's easier for others to find (they may have the same question, too!). Start typing, and suggested tags will appear.

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Finally, select a category for your question. If you're not sure which tags to use for your post, placing it in a category is an easy way to make sure it shows up in the right place.

Create Question 5.jpg


Starting Discussions


Discussions are meant to be more open-ended than questions. But you should follow the same steps as above, except choose Discussion from the Create menu.

Create Discussion.jpg


Best Practices


Whether you're asking a question or starting a discussion, these best practices should come in handy:


  • Do not share confidential or inappropriate information anywhere in your post.
  • Pay attention to your Inbox. Answers and comments to your post will show up here.
  • Mark replies to your question as Helpful or Correct so others who have the same question can quickly see which replies are the most useful. A Helpful reply is on the right track, while a Correct reply answered your question.


Questions about discussions or questions? Post them below!