Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines: June 2017

Blog Post created by ryanhlane Employee on May 4, 2017

Greetings, Salt Community!


It’s hard to believe it, but summer is right around the corner. We’re entering the time of year known for sandcastles, s’mores, and ... scholarships? Yup, while June is a great month to hit the beach or a BBQ, it’s also the perfect time to bank some free money for the upcoming school year.


So, before the weather gets too nice to stay inside, spend some time applying for scholarships. To help you out, here are some awards that have deadlines in June 2017. Remember, these are just a few available options. If you don’t see something that works for you, be sure to check out our scholarship search engine to find an award that does. 


The Ankin Law Office College Scholarship

Award Amount: $5,000

Due Date: June 1, 2017


Law offices often offer scholarship opportunities—but not just for law students.


The Ankin Law Office College Scholarship is open to any full-time student enrolled at an accredited community college, college or university, or an accredited law school starting in the fall of 2017. To apply, submit an original 400-word essay on the following prompt: “What effect will driverless-car technology have on personal injury automobile cases?” If you have an opinion on the topic (looking at you, Jared), apply!


Mark A. Forester Scholarship

Award Amount: $1,000

Due Date: June 1, 2017


May is National Military Appreciation Month, so now would be an appropriate time to apply for a scholarship honoring a servicemember. Mark A. Forester was a senior airman who died September 29, 2010, in Afghanistan while risking his life to save a fallen comrade. This scholarship was founded in his memory.


To apply, you must meet the following criteria:


  • Must be currently enrolled in an accredited American university or college (or will be enrolled for the fall/summer semester of 2017).
  • Must be current military or veteran, or child of military/veteran.


Eligible applicants will need to submit a 300- to 500-word essay explaining how they honor America's military heroes.


The FormSwift Scholarship Program

Award Amount: $1,000

Due Date: June 15, 2017


Our dedicated Salt Community members know our team loves a good infographic—especially in a contest setting. Well, apparently, FormSwift feels the same way. Their scholarship program asks applicants to make an infographic that illustrates a business plan for a start-up, restaurant, nonprofit, transportation, or clothing company.


This award is available to pretty much everyone; graduating high school seniors, college undergrads, and community college, professional college, and graduate students are all eligible. The program’s website also explicitly states that international students (including those from a college or high school outside the United States) can apply.


Express Medical Supply $500 Scholarship Award

Award Amount: $500

Due Date: June 30, 2017


Helping others is a great way to win scholarships. That’s why earning 100 hours of community service was last month’s scholarship challenge. Here’s a great opportunity to put any service you’ve already done into action, with Express Medical Supply’s “Kindness in Action” award.


To apply, share a picture of something kind you’ve done for a friend, stranger, or yourself via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Be sure to include a 108-word-or-less caption, as well as the tag #ExmedScholarship in your submission. Other eligibility criteria include:


  • Must be enrolled at an accredited 2- or 4-year college within the United States.
  • Must be a legal resident of the United States or hold a valid student visa.


MyBioSource Scholarship 2017

Award Amount: $1,000

Due Date: June 30, 2017


MyBioSource offers 10 scholarships worth $1,000: five for STEM majors, and five for all other college majors. These scholarships feature a classic essay prompt: write 250 words on why you have chosen your major and why you should receive the scholarship. So, if you have an existing personal statement essay (and you should!), you should be able to easily reuse it for this application.


This site also specifically states that high school seniors, undergraduates, graduates, and international students can apply. You just need to be enrolled at an accredited college or university for the 2017 fall semester.


Finally, a couple other awards to consider for June:


Actuary Of Tomorrow – Stuart A. Robertson Memorial Scholarship

Award Amount: $9,000

Due Date: June 1, 2017


2018 Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Award Nomination

Award Amount: $1,000

Due Date: June 1, 2017


Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship Award

Award Amount: $1,000

Due Date: June 30, 2017


What do you think about these scholarships? Is there anything I can do to help you out more in the future? Sign up or log in with your Salt account to let me know in the comments!