My Favorite Student-Only Discounts

Blog Post created by cassandrag Employee on Aug 28, 2017

Fall semester hasn’t started yet, but shopping for fall semester definitely has. I like to think of myself as a mindful, money savvy student. Therefore, I’m always making sure to get the biggest bang for my buck.


I’ve gotten really into couponing, and as an avid shopper (online and in person), I’m always looking for places that give out discounts for being a student. Here are a few of my favorites that require only a university email or student ID.


Just remember—even though these service providers offer discounts, they still may not offer you the best deal overall. Consider these added bonuses for items you were planning to buy anyway (and can already afford!).




Every college student needs a computer to survive, but really good ones, like Macs, can be really expensive (I know from experience). If you plan to invest in a Mac, Apple offers a program in which you’ll receive a free pair of Beats headphones with a Macbook—plus $200 off your purchase.


Microsoft offers one of my favorite student discounts. Microsoft Office, which includes student essentials such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, can cost you over anywhere from $60 to $300. Isn’t that outrageous? Anyways, if you’re a college student, Microsoft lets you download a full package of these items for up to 4 years. You just need to select your school and type in your your email. This was so helpful to me, as I mainly use Word for all papers I write and PowerPoint for most presentations.




No matter how you and your roomie split the move-in responsibilities, you’ll want some personal items to make your dorm feel homey. One site I like for this is UNiDAYS. This is literally just website you can sign up on, and it gets you instant access to discounts for being a student. They have major home goods retailers, as well as for clothing and electronics. Ones I frequent (like Hollister) give me an added 10% off my total purchase as well.


If you love art like I do, and want to hang up some of your own work, then JOANN fabric and craft store is a great place for you to check out. They offer 10% off with their student discount program. I usually buy my canvases in bulk, and this really helps out when I do.


Other Favorites


Amazon offers its Prime service, which includes 2-day shipping, free to students for 6 months. After that, it’s $45 for the year, which is about half off the cost of a regular Amazon Prize membership.


H&M is another very popular store that offers student discounts. They’ll give you 15% off just for flashing your student ID in stores. They have great business casual/professional wear!


These are just some of the most relevant places I use. As I find more, I will let you all know. Sign up or log in with your Salt account to comment below and let me know of any other places that gives freebies for student!


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