• Start Your Own Company

    You don't always need a small business loans or large capitol to start your own company. You can also work a part time job or a full time job while you start your own organization. Your company may not be a business y...
  • Anyone know who won the contest or when it will be posted?

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  • Use an App and Follow the 50/20/30 Rule

    I grew up with a dad that valued savings, frugal spending, and financial literacy. While I've learned most of my tips and trick from him, two I have learned on my own and swear by them: (1) find a budgeting app that y...
  • If I Could Go Back in Time….a Mother’s Heart.

    If I could go back in time and meet my 18-20 year-old self, I would have plenty of words of wisdom to offer. The most important financial advice I would give is to not take out school loans, or at least minimize them....
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  • My Two cents: Time is Money

      My name is Terrence Banks. I decided to do spoken word for my money advice. Hope you enjoy have a great day.
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  • The Budget Four

    The Budget Four are here to provide all the financial advice you need!
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  • Salt The Savings Superhero Gives You Her Two Cents

    Nina Marie NPusateri@westernu.edu
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  • My Two Cents: Tului Temuujin

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  • Keep track of Bills!

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  • Save A-way With Me

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  • Money Saving Tips for a College Move

      This video details some things I wish I had known prior to moving out of my college dorm room after my first year. I go to a college out-of-state and therefore had to do much of the process alone. As a first-g...
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  • My Two Cents: Money Advice That Pays Off Contest

    Have you received great financial advice or learned an important money lesson on your own? We asked our Salt Community members to pay these forward—and paid them for doing so in our My Two Cents: Money Advice Th...
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  • Explore Your Options

    This short story is my two cents about savings. I realized very quickly that I do not have enough money (being a student and all) to invest in any real way. But, I have decided to do what I can to collect as much inte...
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  • credit score in 5 easy steps

    do you need a good credit score? don't we all. step 1. get a credit card step 2. buy something that's like $50 or something and put it on your credit card step 3. even if you can pay it all off at once, make the month...
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  • Where Has All My Money Gone

    I've worked at a bank for going on 8 years now, so you would think I would know better than most how to manage my money.  Well, that is false.  Every single day I deal with customers that don't know how to b...
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  • I was once told...

    I was once told you should treat your credit score like you would treat your grade point average. I have always believed in playing a sort of a game with my credit score as well as my g.p.a. Once you get that first 3....
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  • Money

    It is every college students dream to win the lottery. All tuition would be covered. No more books would have to be left out just because we don't have the money. The student would have money for all sorts of free tim...
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  • Don't forget to pay yourself!

    As a returning adult student, I work full time, go to school full time, and  manage my family full time. Life, along with bills, can often get away from you! If you've ever listened to or read any of Dave Ramsey'...
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  • My zero cents to two cents

         Growing up, money has always been an issue with my family. I was raised by a single father who did not always have a job to support the two of us. His parents provided us a trailer to live in ...
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  • Fatherly Advice

    So before starting to apply for my first credit card, my father told me something I hadn't even thought of. "Don't apply to too many at once" he said. "It'll leave a mark on your credit history". He explained that if ...
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