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Announcement 1 Complete brand new missions in the Salt Community!
Announcement:Complete brand new missions in the Salt Community!

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One thing I regret about my college years is never going on spring break. My reasons ranged from having to work to not wanting to spend any money on a trip. The truth was I wanted to go and have fun like my friends did, but at the time, I was too much of a saver to be able to loosen up and invest in a good time.   If this sounds like you,

It’s the last day of the first month of a new year. If you haven’t set goals for the year ahead of us yet, you still have time to do so in January! (Or to start them again, if you’ve already bailed!)   I, for one, love to set goals. It helps me stay focused, motivated, and accomplished. However, if you’re not careful,
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I am wanting to begin a conversation with someone who may be experienced in online advertising, or someone who has been advertising and doesn't really understand what the big deal is. Free advertising, of course... I have an account on Craig'sList, Classified Ads, Adpost, Global Free Classified Ads, my actual YouTube channel, my Facebook (and a